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Ten to Begin for a Healthy New Year

 Ten to Begin for a Healthy New Year


1.     Begin each day with some hot green tea with fresh lemon in it


2.     Cut out your bread consumption


3.     Freeze grapes/bananas and then eat them.  You don’t eat as much or as many  when food items are cold


4.     Berries of any sort have less sugar in them than grapes and bananas.  Try any type berry when you are craving fruit.


5.     Eat some type of green leafy vegetable every day.  The more times per day you eat them, the better for YOU!!


6.     Stay away from food in boxes, bags or wrappers.


7.     Opt for fresh veggies and fruits every day.


8.     When possible, buy organic!!


9.     Check your Amsler grid daily and call the hotline number if you notice any changes.


     10.     Move for at least 30 minutes per day for 4-5 days per week or 6 miles per week.  You choose!!  Find something that you like and get physical!  Your wellness depends on it!


Advantage Vision Center will be celebrating Ms. Anne’s 76th Birthday on February 24th. We would like to wish her a healthy and happy birthday. Thank you for being a part of our office.