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The Journey

Have you ever been on a path before?  Did you think it was the right path for the right time?

Welcome to our mind, body, spirit journey!  At the end of this journey, it is my prayer that you will be enriched, energized, empathetic, excellent and excited as you venture out on your new paths and your new body.

This journey is spiritually based, scripturally sound and a much needed addition to the many books, apps, and tools that are out in the market today.

This sharing will endeavor to assist you in doing several things:

  1. Live in the moment-how often do we spend time with regrets and woulda coulda’s

The only gift given to us by God is the present.  In being present, we will learn how to breathe and meditate with gratitude to center us for the task at hand.

  1. Listen to our bodies-our bodies are balls of energy that are constantly sending us messages. Often we don’t listen but our bodies tell us when food is not fresh.  When it is not good for us.  Our brains listen to only 5 % of the conscious mind.  Most of our actions come from our unconscious mind.  In that vein, we will learn how to still our minds so that we can stay on the path to wellness and a long, fulfilled journey.
  2. Learn how to eat with intention to nourish and to sustain ourselves not for comfort

How often have we had that biscuit or that extra helping because it tastes so good.  We are going to learn how to make foods taste good and feed us well.

  1. Develop a physical activity plan that will allow you to keep a schedule that you can maintain throughout each phase of your life. Did you know that 3 10 minute bursts of exercise are just as important as working out for 30 minutes per time?
  2. Know, learn and manage your numbers. What numbers you may ask?  Height, weight, BMI, Heart rate, metabolic rate, and how many steps you take on a daily basis, daily calorie allowance, water intake and water requirement.
  3. Managing change and the subconscious mind as we permit ourselves to live out our God inspired plan for our lives.
  4. Breathe-how often do we pay attention to our breathing patterns?  Do you know how many times per day, your lungs take in and expel oxygen?  We will go over breathing in this module
  5. Stretching-did you know that stretching is the one universal exercise tenant that people who live in long living societies say that they do on a regular basis?It is thought that stretching can extend telomeres.
  6. Putting it all together in a plan-In the Bible, the scripture says write the vision and make it plain. What is it that you long to do?  What is it that you really want but are afraid to ask for? We will take the time to put pen to paper to wind up with a plan for you!
  7. The wrap up-Where we were? Where are we now? Where are we going?

So fasten your seat belts and know that God is on the throne.  We are going to have some fun and we are going to improve our health as we live life incredibly blessed and on the journey!!