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Fast Food, Fast Death

When I first moved to Charlotte, it was shocking that along some of the oldest, most prosperous neighborhoods, there were no and almost no fast food places but when driving down other neighborhoods (particularly in African American neighborhoods) there was every fast food chain that you could name or could think of.  The neighborhoods with money had no fast food places.  Do you think it a coincidence that the disenfranchised neighborhoods had more than enough places with almost something on every busy corner?

So what is the point?  Think about it.  If the people who own the fast food places did not have them in their neighborhoods, why would anyone who does not own them want these establishments in theirs?

Additionally, if you search the zip codes in Charlotte with the highest concentrations of hypertension, diabetes and obesity, they would be strikingly close to where those fast food type places are.   Is there a correlation?  You better believe it.

Access, price of healthy options, unhealthy food choices, poor sleep and lack of exercise all are some of the components that lead to us being some of the most obese mal-nourished people on the planet.  So what do we do with the information?

Don’t beat yourself up if you are saying and but how do I make better choices?  Why do I seem to be sabotaging myself from my highest good?  How can I make adjustments to enable me to make better decisions and treat myself like the God given temple that I am!

We are going to explore some ways to make better choices and some ways to sustain your health through the hurt, through the pain, through habit and through the stress so that you can treat your body as the temple God designed you to be!

Stay tuned……