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Our Testimonials

"Check in was great, fast and courtesy was excellent. My daughter felt comfort in the enivronment I would bring my other child and recommend this office to other."  -Alexandria Patton

"I am very satisifted with the services that I receive at Advantage Vision. Thank you, Bernice Reese."

"From the time I enter your building,I wa waited on hand and foot. The service I receive from your staff is always so wonderful, and I can not thank you enough. Thanks for the print out on my eyes.  I will get back to you as soon as I can get time so these prety eyes can be worked on. Thank you Doctor Newsome. -Ms. Shipman "

"You have a great facility. This was my first time in my life needing glasses. I will return for future visits and refer new clients." Tisha Harvey

"This place is on point! One of the best eye exams I have ever had. I went to America's Best last year because my old OD works there now. The wait was long and the exams were nowhere on the level of what I experienced here. My appointment was at 9:45 and I arrived 7 minutes early to fill out paper work. Right on time, I was taken back and my exam began. The technician explained every test and made sure every piece of equipment was clean. By the time I was ready to be seen y the physician, the wait was less than 3 minutes after I was seated. She was kind,concerned and personable. Perhaps the reviews about front desk staff and other issues have been resolved because I experienced NONE of that today. I sent my hubby last week and he is a harsh critic. If the service was poor, he would have told me and I wouldn't have gone today. The price for their wellness exam for those without insurance is very reasonable and their eyeglass selection is up to date. Make your appointment today!" Shawn Hall