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Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy

Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy

Advantage Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy Services.

Do you experience ocular discomfort while on the computer screen?

Do you avoid doing near tasks?

Does your child avoid doing near tasks?

Could your child’s school performance be better?

Has a traumatic brain injury impaired your ability to see well?

If any of these are YOUR issue, then look no further.

Approximately 2 years ago, we invested in technology to make sure that not only are our patients seeing well but that they also are seeing comfortably.  If you or someone you know is having an issue, we now have a dedicated area and space to properly evaluate and get you back on track.

Make an appointment today for a BV or VT  evaluation.

This consists of checking to see how your eyes are aligned and to make sure that your eyes are tracking properly.  If there is an issue, we will then design a program that encompasses both at-home therapy and in-office therapy and monitoring.

Your eyes are the windows to the body.  Let’s make sure that they are operating maximally.

  • Vision Therapy is becoming increasingly well-known and popular for the treatment of binocular vision disorders, both in cases that have traditionally been corrected with surgery, as well as those in which surgery is not an option.